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We currently have 3 positions available with Destiny Handbags!

Launch Team Member

For $30.00 you can join us as a Launch Team Member. You will earn on your downline as a Senior Director. You also earn $35.00 for every recruit that you help reach Active Designer in her first 30 Days with Destiny Handbags. You are not required to do any sales in this position. This is a Recruiter Position! You will be required to purchase a starter kit to see our handbag quality. You can walk around with this handbag stocked with business cards to give out to leads while you are out and about.

Click on the Launch Team info link for all the details. Launch Team Info

Founding State Director

The Founding State Director will earn 30% on all personal sales. In addition for reaching above the $1500 required for the productivity bonus they will earn an additional 5%. FSD’s must sell $1800.00 a month. This is someone who is looking to make a career out of Destiny Handbags. This is achieved with 3-4 parties a month. They will get ALL of the leads for the State they are the State Director of. When the State Director positions are filled in each state this title will be gone. You are allowed one month in a 12 month period to fall below the $1800 a month requirement.

Founding Designer

The Founding Designers have no sales requirements except sell $500 in a year to stay a Designer. They earn 30% on personal sales. We have 250 Founding Designer Positions Available.


Once all of the above positions are taken we will have Designers.They earn 25% on personal sales. They are eligible for the 5% productivity bonus as well. They must sell $500 in a year to stay a Designer.

You will receive a FREE website and email address with every kit purchase.

You can advertise online. Sell at vendor events, craft fairs, and home shows or even one on one. You are not allowed to sell on any other websites besides your own corporate provided Destiny Handbags site.

To view our starter kits click here.

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